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Distribute your music to all of the major global streaming platforms and keep 100% of your royalties.


Independent artists are at the heart of what we do

Get the tools to help you grow your fanbase and reach new listeners. 

Essentials Plan

Only $14.99/year

  • 62fd84c61557ae3d11191c49_Notion-checkmark Unlimited distribution (One Primary Artist)
  • 62fd84c61557ae3d11191c49_Notion-checkmark Keep 100% streaming royalties
  • 62fd84c61557ae3d11191c49_Notion-checkmark Marketing tools
  • 62fd84c61557ae3d11191c49_Notion-checkmark Distribute Dolby Atmos
  • 62fd84c61557ae3d11191c49_Notion-checkmark YouTube Content ID
  • 62fd84c61557ae3d11191c49_Notion-checkmark Streaming analytics
  • 62fd84c61557ae3d11191c49_Notion-checkmark Customer support from record label ops team
  • 62fd84c61557ae3d11191c49_Notion-checkmark Timed releases
  • 62fd84c61557ae3d11191c49_Notion-checkmark Self-manage track splits

"It’s been so amazing working with Venice! I started with them with a little under 600 monthly listeners just over a year ago, and here I am now with 1.3 million listeners. The most rewarding thing about being independent is acknowledging that nothing is done alone. Having Venice’s engagement and commitment to what we’ve built together has been invaluable. I have the best team!"

Track your success

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All of your stats from the biggest streaming platforms in one central location.



Manage splits between contributors, view financial statements, and get paid.

About us

Troy Carter and Suzy Ryoo founded Venice to provide independent artists with top-quality distribution and support without surprise fees or charges. At Venice, we believe in transparency and want to make sure that you know exactly what you're getting when you work with us.

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What types of memberships do you offer?

We have two types of memberships: Essentials ($14.99/year) and Professional ($500/year). To see the full benefits, visit the pricing page.

What makes Venice's distribution different from other distributors?

At Venice, you get access to all of the premium features that other distributors upcharge you for - no hidden costs, contracts or service charges that may surprise you down the line. You own 100% of your music and we'll help you get it out to your falls all over the world.

What DSPs do you deliver to?

We distribute to all major DSPs. To see the full list, visit our Help Center.

I'm already distributing my music somewhere. Can I still sign up?

You may sign up for Venice if you have released music with another distributor, but in order to ensure there are no issues with your royalty payments, you will need to takedown any releases from the previous distributor after you have submitted them through Venice. To ensure a smooth transition between distributors, reference the release migration best practices prior to removing music catalog from the previous distributor and submitting music catalog to Venice.